The growing public charging network for electric vehicles

Using public charging points for electric vehicles has become even easier in the past 12 months, with the overall number of charging points in the UK growing by around 50% to a total of more than 15,000.


While some private motorists with off-street parking may be able to do all of their electric motoring by charging at home, it is likely that company car drivers will be more frequent users of public charging infrastructure, particularly rapid chargers, which enable longer distance driving for pure electric cars.


New government regulations mean that all new public charging points must be 'ad hoc' accessible, which is usually facilitated via a mobile app, or contactless payment on rapid chargers.


However, some networks offer convenient RFID card access to their charging points, meaning drivers do not need to use their mobile phone to access them. These cards allow drivers to tap in and tap out to start and stop charging, and also mean that they do not need mobile signal when using charging points.


The growth in public charging networks is supported by individual charging companies, such as Chargemaster, which plans to install an additional 2,000 public charging points on its POLAR network in 2018, including over 400 more rapid chargers, which can charge a pure electric car to around 80% in 30 minutes.


While all new public charging points must be accessible on an 'ad hoc' basis, typically via a pay-as-you-go system, some charging point operators are providing business-focused solutions. For example, the POLAR corporate subscription service allows company car drivers to access all charging points on the POLAR network with an RFID card or fob, with their company then receiving a centralised monthly invoice for all of their drivers.


Electric car charging points are often found at destinations including hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. Company car drivers are likely to see charging points at an increasing number of places that they visit over the coming months and years.



Chargemaster are the UK’s biggest name in electric vehicle (EV) charging, trusted by thousands of owners, businesses and councils. They design, build, sell and maintain the best charging units, and also run POLAR, the largest network of public charging points in the country. Chargemaster work with EV drivers, businesses, local authorities and car manufacturers, providing every aspect of the electric charging experience so they can give our customers complete accountability and a faster response.